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Alamo Paintball,
Hill Farm, Chesterton, Peterborough, PE7 3UA

01733 394283


Tippman FT12 Semi-automatic paintball gun.

Calibre: .68                                            Action: Semi-Automatic

Power: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen        Hopper Capacity: 200

CO2 Capacity: NA                                    Feed rate: 8 BPS

Gas Used: Compressed air                        Firing rate: 8 BPS

Trigger: Standard                                    Finish: Black

Barrel length: 8.5 inches                          Length: 19.6 inches

Weight: 2.9 lbs (without tank)                  Effective Range: 150+ ft

Paintball Masks

(model shown may differ from masks on the day)

The Paintball masks used by Alamo Paintball offer unparalleled protection and are some of the safest goggle systems out there for any age or playing level.

They provide Maximum protection for ear, nose, mouth and forehead and come with an elite 180 degree anti-fog single lens.

Due to general wear and tear the anti-fog system tends not to work all that well so be aware you may mist up on the day depending on weather conditions.
Clean cloths will be provided to wipe them down between games.