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Alamo Paintball,
Hill Farm, Chesterton, Peterborough, PE7 3UA

01733 394283


The Tires - A fast paced game involving a nice open space filled wooden barricades and GIANT Tires :). We normally start the day with this game as it is good for warming up your trigger finger.

D-Day - The defending team must defend the bunkers from overwhelming enemy attack, we say overwhelming because this game has a RESPAWNING attacking force. If an attacking soldier is shot then they simply return to base and start again. If the defending team manages to keep one soldier left alive on the 10 minute whistle their team will be victorious. The attacking team must eliminate all enemy forces in the bunkers before the 10-mins is up or get there demolition charge into the designated target zone to destroy all 3 bunkers at once.

Domination - This game zone comprises of 2 start points, each situated at opposing ends of the field. In between those 2 points are several “Domination” bunkers. The aim of the game is simple, Dominate the field by controlling as many of these points as possible, driving the enemy back with each one captured. Captur them all and you will have DOMINATED!!!

Drop-em - One team must shoot down several targets while the other team strives to keep them up. The attacking team is equipped with a medic that revives dead players the other must return to base to respawn. If more than 3 targets remain standing on the whistle the defending team will be victorious.

V.I.P - Set on the same area as D-Day but this time in reverse. One team has a nominated player as their VIP. The VIP will be given a military flack jacket. The objective is then simple. Get your VIP to the opposite end of the woods for extraction. If your VIP is hit anywhere other than his or her flack jacket they are dead and the game ends. If any of the VIP’s defenders are hit however they return to base and continue pushing toward the enemy forces in an attempt to get the VIP to the extraction. The opposing team will have a single life but they do start in a heavily defensible fort from which to take out the enemy VIP.

The ALAMO - A large central fort surrounded on all sides by bunkers. The objective is simple, defend the Alamo from the invading forces for as long as possible. Sounds easy but believe me when the fighting begins you’ll want to leave the Alamo and run for the hills as you will be getting attacked from all fronts. Oh and did I mention the attacking force will be re-spawning to simulate a mass attack too. Have fun :)